Beta release 4.61.1

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Mon Jun 4 12:33:09 IST 2007

Rick Cooper wrote:
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>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> This beta includes direct communication with clamd, and no 
>> longer uses 
>>> clamd-wrapper or clamdscan. This should be faster than the 
>> clamd support 
>>> in the previous version.
> [...]
>> I have just installed this version and fired up clamd.  What a 
>> difference it makes.  Working like a dream and has changed a 
>> server that 
>> was starting to get sluggish into one that flies through the incoming 
>> emails now.
> Thanks, I think you will really like the latest code that calls clamd once
> per batch, especially if you are normally processing a good number of
> messages per batch. I would be very interested in any performance
> information regarding large volume servers as I would have to manufacture
> tests for large volume batches as our servers only handle a couple thousand
> incoming mails a day per server (at most). I know I was pleased with the
> reduction of memory and resources that we have experienced. Just make sure
> your clamd.conf is setup to match your old clamavmodule settings from
> mailscanner.

I can't help with large volumes, as I only process 5-6k messages a day.

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