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Jason Gottschalk Jason at SYO.Com
Fri Jun 1 17:46:36 IST 2007

Hello Glenn,
Friday, June 1, 2007, 3:38:24 AM, you wrote:
Glenn> On 01/06/07, Jason Gottschalk <Jason at> wrote:
>> Hello Scott,
>> Just one account, actually.
>> I figured it out.
>> I have to use two rules. The first issue was that I didn't realize
>> there was a "non spam" item in the mailscanner.conf file until Julian
>> pressed the issue. I found that the "non spam" was set to "store
>> deliver" rather than a ruleset.
>> So I changed it to a ruleset and then placed my rule in there to
>> delete the message.
>> So here is what I have now, which, btw, is precisely what I was looking
>> for.
>> nonspam.action.rules:
>> From:Him at delete
>> FromOrTo: Default Store Deliver
>> Archive.Rules:
>> FromOrTo: Him at HisDomain.Com /sites/hisdomain/mail/approve/mbox
>> FromOrTo: Default
>> So now I get what I want, his e-mail is stored for administrative
>> approval before it is released. (There is a script that puts the
>> message in /var/spool/mqueue after it is approved.)
Glenn> Just one thing... Archive Mail archives _everything_,spam and viruses as well.
Glenn> Since you store every message, you could have worked with the
Glenn> quarantine (the nonspam subdirectory) instead... And if you use
Glenn> MailWatch, you would have a nice tool to view the mails under review
Glenn> too:-).

Can you explain this more? It sounds brilliant, but I don't follow

I started storing every message because bayes_99 suddenly started
marking 20% of the ham as spam, I need a way to find and release my
customers e-mail after it had been marked as spam.

Are you saying if I turned that off, the only messages showing up in
quarantine would be Him at Hiusdomain.cmo and those with a virus?

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