OT: VMware

Richard Frovarp Richard.Frovarp at sendit.nodak.edu
Fri Jun 1 15:07:13 IST 2007

Rodney Green wrote:
> Hello,
> I've seen VMware mentioned in a recent thread. What are the benefits 
> of using such a solution for an e-mail server?
> I'm downloading VMware Server; the "free" version. Is this what you 
> guys are using? Is it indeed free?
> I just never thought of using virtualization for an e-mail server. 
> It's an interesting idea and would like to hear from
> people already doing it.
> Thanks,
> Rod

We're running the free version. Was replacing hardware of a single 1 GHz 
P3 and 256 MB of RAM, with a dual socket, dual core 3.2 GHz, which 
seemed like overkill. So we dropped VMWare Server on it. One of the vm's 
is our internal mail MailScanner box. It was handling 30K messages a day 
no problem at all (school is out now so traffic has dropped). Our other 
MailScanner boxes where being overwhelmed, so we wanted to provide a 
fast lane for internal mail. It has worked perfectly for this purpose.

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