Too many false whitelist

Mark Farmer mark at
Fri Jun 1 16:14:46 IST 2007

Hi all

My first post here. Sorry if this been discussed before but i've been
searching and not getting the answer I need.

I have MailScanner installed & running. I'm monitoring things in
Mailwatch and seeing a lot of spam being marked as whitelisted.
I have compiled a fairly short whitelist of my own but non of the
addresses in there match the ones getting through.
Does Spamassassin have a whitelist of it's own? I have been looking for
it with the idea of deleting it, but have not found it.
I read in the Spamassassin man page about doing:

spamassassin --remove-addr-from-whitelist=

But that seems a very long winded way to remove addresses ie 1 by 1???

I've been scratching my head on this for weeks now, can anyone point me
in the right direction please?

Many thanks

Mark Farmer RHCT
Registered Linux User 353158
Running Gentoo, Centos & Fedora Linux

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