Outbound spam prevention & reaction

R Wahyudi rwahyudi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 23:51:43 GMT 2007

Alvaro Marín wrote:
> Hello,
>> Im running mail server for ISP. We use separate server for incoming 
>> and outgoing mail server and postfix as our MTA.
>> We set our outgoing MTA with following restriction when they are not 
>> authenticated :
>>    1.
>>       Within 10 minutes , client can make  20 connection to our 
>> server    2.
>>       Within 10 minutes , user can send email(s) with a maximum of 150
>>       recipients.
>>    3.
>>       In 1 connection, user can include up to 150 recipients.
> Are you using policyd with postfix for this or a MailScanner plugin?
> Regards,

Im using policyd for this as I need to do the rejection on SMTP level.
They are great little program to run on multiple server since it has 
MySQL backend. Im not sure if MailScanner plugin can do this ...

We also insert the offending IP for people that send virus / spam to 
policyd blacklist table and set the auto expire timestamp and let 
policyd  deal
with the expiration ..

Rianto Wahyudi
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