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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 20:43:25 IST 2007

On 13/08/07, Peter Nitschke <email at ace.net.au> wrote:
> Did I miss a bunch of posts about this?
> Glenn, I don't see any mobbing, just cause and effect and 2 emails
> expressing relief or thanks for the action taken.
> No doubt all of us are good people beneath the surface, but that doesn't
> absolve us from having to maintain respect for other members of the
> community.
> Anybody that has had the responsibility of moderating a list or forum will
> have come across an evil-bunny persona clone, and at some point action
> needs to be taken for the wellbeing and functionality of the list.
> Yes, it is sad, but Julian was very diplomatic with his polite request, and
> for his trouble was told that the list is full of crud, and that Julian was
> at fault for not being a tougher moderator.
> All that was needed was a polite acknowledgement of the request, or no
> comment at all.
> Let's move on.
> Cheers,
> Peter

You might well be right, I have a history (way back, but still) of
harrassment (whith me at the receiving end), so I might just be a bit
over...sensitive, shall we say?

Res has, to his credit, aired the view that much of the discussion of
this list is off-topic... I actually agree with that, but where he
sees it as detrimental, I see it as a pure bonus. And sometimes it is
indeed hard to determine if a specific issue is on-topic or not,
whatwith all the myriad things that make up a mail filtering system
based around MailScanner.
So my view is that that decision, on-topic or not, should ultimately
(and do so) rest with Julian.

I've been in a few ... rows... with Noel in the past, and ... he
actually is quite sharp (not only in the mouth), so I've learned to
value his views... Not that I always share them;-). And as said, he's
been a rock (together with a few others, you know who you are!)
lately... Makes me more forgiving, I guess.

It goes without saying that I value Jules highly too, so ... I guess I
overreacted a bit, and read more malice into the perceived gloating.

So yes, lets move on.

-- Glenn
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> On 13/08/2007 at 12:48 PM Glenn Steen wrote:
> >Well.... I will speak to Noels defense.
> >Yes, he is opinionated, and yes, he is stubborn... and very very
> >drastic in his expressions.
> >I have not been following this thread in any greater detail, since it
> >stopped being interresting a while back.
> >
> >But he has on several occasions contributed his knowledge in
> >constructive ways... And if you only scratch lightly on the surface,
> >he is a very caring and kind person.
> >My views are doubtless coloured by the helping hand he has reached out
> >to me recently, when I most needed a kind word from a friend, but ...
> >Is it really OK to gang up on him like you do now?
> >To act out on the suggestion to evict him from the list is quite OK by
> >me, and indeed by him as well, Jules. Even talking about it could've
> >been OK. But I think you've come very close to a line here, almost ...
> >gloating ... over the act.
> >
> >I do know (and have been know to agree vocally) that his language can
> >be more than what is acceptable. That is not my point.
> >I'm just saying we seem to have changed one (in my view minor) evil
> >for another (that I, with my background and "old luggage" find very
> >hard to accept... After all, it's bordering on mobbing).
> >
> >I'm not saying that anyone else of the participants of the thread
> >should be "punished". Just that you all should remember that it is
> >people at the other end.
> >
> >Respectfully yours
> >--
> >-- Glenn
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