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Peter Nitschke email at ace.net.au
Mon Aug 13 17:13:42 IST 2007

Did I miss a bunch of posts about this?

Glenn, I don't see any mobbing, just cause and effect and 2 emails
expressing relief or thanks for the action taken.

No doubt all of us are good people beneath the surface, but that doesn't
absolve us from having to maintain respect for other members of the

Anybody that has had the responsibility of moderating a list or forum will
have come across an evil-bunny persona clone, and at some point action
needs to be taken for the wellbeing and functionality of the list.

Yes, it is sad, but Julian was very diplomatic with his polite request, and
for his trouble was told that the list is full of crud, and that Julian was
at fault for not being a tougher moderator.

All that was needed was a polite acknowledgement of the request, or no
comment at all.

Let's move on.



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On 13/08/2007 at 12:48 PM Glenn Steen wrote:

>Well.... I will speak to Noels defense.
>Yes, he is opinionated, and yes, he is stubborn... and very very
>drastic in his expressions.
>I have not been following this thread in any greater detail, since it
>stopped being interresting a while back.
>But he has on several occasions contributed his knowledge in
>constructive ways... And if you only scratch lightly on the surface,
>he is a very caring and kind person.
>My views are doubtless coloured by the helping hand he has reached out
>to me recently, when I most needed a kind word from a friend, but ...
>Is it really OK to gang up on him like you do now?
>To act out on the suggestion to evict him from the list is quite OK by
>me, and indeed by him as well, Jules. Even talking about it could've
>been OK. But I think you've come very close to a line here, almost ...
>gloating ... over the act.
>I do know (and have been know to agree vocally) that his language can
>be more than what is acceptable. That is not my point.
>I'm just saying we seem to have changed one (in my view minor) evil
>for another (that I, with my background and "old luggage" find very
>hard to accept... After all, it's bordering on mobbing).
>I'm not saying that anyone else of the participants of the thread
>should be "punished". Just that you all should remember that it is
>people at the other end.
>Respectfully yours
>-- Glenn

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