Spamhaus issues?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Fri Aug 10 13:08:13 IST 2007

Res wrote on Fri, 10 Aug 2007 08:37:04 +1000 (EST):

> Thats there decision, I dont have to use SORBS's dynamic if I dont want 
> to, but I choose to do so, because no dynamic user has any need to be 
> running a mail server AFAIC.

That's not the point. These hosts are *by definition* not on CBL, they do 
not list by technical criteria but by reported abuse. You claimed "They 
dont have a good hit ratio". Claiming something like that is simply 
nonsense as you cannot compare the lists. If you deem CBL not enough for 
your purposes (and there are good grounds for that, I'm only using it as 
part of ZEN) that's perfectly understandable. But claiming "they don't 
have a good hit ratio" is derogatory and wrong.


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