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Thu Aug 9 23:37:04 IST 2007

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On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Kai Schaetzl wrote:

> Res wrote on Thu, 9 Aug 2007 22:19:15 +1000 (EST):
>> They dont have a good hit ratio, I've just just grabed the last 8 blocked
>> IPs by RBL's and cbl only lists 1 of them, where as njabl, spamcop and
>> sorbs all listed all those 8 IP's
> That doesn't mean anything. The three lists you mention are aggregated lists
> by various criteria. For instance that IP might have been on SORBS because
> it's dynamic. And it will stay there no matter if the mail coming from there

I am fully aware they use aggregate zones, it has several methods and you 
can use or exclude what you dont want within sendmails extra enhanced 

Since 7 they come from .cn .kr .br I can much rest assured they deserve 
to be in the spam lists.

> is spam or ham. CBL doesn't include dynamic IP space because it is dynamic
> IP space.

Thats there decision, I dont have to use SORBS's dynamic if I dont want 
to, but I choose to do so, because no dynamic user has any need to be 
running a mail server AFAIC.

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