Spamhaus issues?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Aug 9 18:16:37 IST 2007

Kai Schaetzl spake the following on 8/9/2007 8:31 AM:
> Res wrote on Thu, 9 Aug 2007 22:19:15 +1000 (EST):
>> They dont have a good hit ratio, I've just just grabed the last 8 blocked 
>> IPs by RBL's and cbl only lists 1 of them, where as njabl, spamcop and 
>> sorbs all listed all those 8 IP's
> That doesn't mean anything. The three lists you mention are aggregated lists 
> by various criteria. For instance that IP might have been on SORBS because 
> it's dynamic. And it will stay there no matter if the mail coming from there 
> is spam or ham. CBL doesn't include dynamic IP space because it is dynamic 
> IP space.
> Kai
The blacklists cannot be all things to all people. That is why there are so
many. Each admin needs to evaluate a list before he uses it to block mail. I
usually try a list in spamassassin with a low score first to see how it hits
with my mail. I can use zen or spamhaus at the MTA because it works for me,
but other admins might have users or important clients in those spaces.

You need to test any list before you use it fully, that is just the nature of
the beast.


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