New Stable Release, Clamd and Postfix?

Matt Hayes dominian at
Mon Apr 30 15:09:18 IST 2007

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> My MailScanner box runs quite nicely running the previous stable version
> 4.58.9.
> I'm suffering from the slow clamscan performance issue, and noticed the
> new stable release supports clamd (which I'm running).
> Having looked at the manual it appears it should simply be a case of run
> the installer script, then use upgrade_MailScanner_conf to update
> MailScanner.conf with the new settings.
> Not having ever upgraded MailScanner before, I'd sooner ask the question
> than get caught out - is this all there is to it (barring something
> totally unforeseen happening)?
> Also as I run Postfix I have my MailScanner set to run as user "postfix"
> as per the docs.  Will this cause me a problem (or can someone point me
> where to go to RTFM?)
> Cheers,
> Paul


That is basically all there is to it.  However, if you are like me, 
anything custom that you've added like %rules-dir% files will more than 
likely have to be re-entered in.  If you use Mailwatch, some things with 
quarantine configuration to allow for released messages to bypass spam 
checks may have to be reconfigured.

The great thing about the upgrade of mailscanner.. it leaves your old 
installation in place :)


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