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On Mon, 30 Apr 2007, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:

> The main thing is that .gov likes to play blame games. And how do you blame a 
> company if there is no company but just a bunch of people doing as good a job

Thats actually changing :) some Fed Govt depts  are using linux not only 
in servers, but desktops, some of the councils are moving to it and other 
open source, and I think I heard one or two of the state govts have 
made it known that OS should be considered, even preferential, regrettably
not in my state, the current labour state govt lives in dark ages, so much 
so we have a police minister who doesnt believe our police service needs 
a helicopter, because " it has fixed wing planes " ... I laughed so hard 
at that :P I never knew we had harrier jets, or umm ospreys, no other 
fixed wing aircraft can hover whilst directing ground troops to get the 
bad guys :D

> More important then being Australian is the fact that it is a mailinglist. 
> Mailinglist people are not your average group.

The list is verified as industry network admins, closed subscription where 
you have to supply your employers details, a couple lists over here are 
like that now days to stop end users subbing and hounding their ISP's.
of course there is still no checks as to the curency of that.

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