Fast Dual Core or slower Quad Core..?

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Thu Apr 26 10:29:59 IST 2007

Yeah I figured with that RAID card with Cache it's plenty quick enough.

This is literally only for inbound and outbound SMTP, nothing more.

I'll work off the linked server as my base model I think, there's a
point where the bottom line is "it's plenty".

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On 04/26/2007 10:59 AM, Paul Hutchings wrote:
> For the Dual Core I'd likely be looking at one of these "as is" plus a
> couple of 10k SAS drives:
> I'm sure Quad Core is total overkill, and of course the machine is
> twin-socket so can always have a second CPU added.

You maybe think about the raid controller cache to speed up your 
write-operations - on a mailserver you will have a lot of :-)

> The thing needs to last three years minimum that's all, hence the
> as I have no idea of Linux/MailScanner/Clam "roadmaps" assuming
> MailScanner remains the ideal tool for the job.

Usual IT. Planning for 3 years. We always try to plan for 3 - 5 years 
and then change machines after 1 or 2 years. :-)

Will the machine only do the incoming/outgoing (smtp), or also the 
imap/pop3 stuff? I believe for smtp only it's enough.

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