Fast Dual Core or slower Quad Core..?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Apr 26 10:26:59 IST 2007

On 26/04/07, Paul Hutchings <paul.hutchings at> wrote:
> For the Dual Core I'd likely be looking at one of these "as is" plus a
> couple of 10k SAS drives:
> 3449-12569852-78138665.html
> I'm sure Quad Core is total overkill, and of course the machine is
> twin-socket so can always have a second CPU added.
> The thing needs to last three years minimum that's all, hence the query
> as I have no idea of Linux/MailScanner/Clam "roadmaps" assuming
> MailScanner remains the ideal tool for the job.
The three-year-perspective is hard to assess... It _might_ mean you
have to size it for huge increases in volume (mainly spam), but
again... "huge" is a relative thing.

IMO you would be more than fine in the short term (next year) with
that machine, and it would very likely be enough for the duration.

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