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Res res at ausics.net
Fri Apr 13 03:21:07 IST 2007

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007, Peter Russell wrote:

> We are reviewing our spam defences. A review in the sense of our polices, 
> should we store low scoring spam and send reports, or forward to modded 
> subjects and config outlook rules etc

You could mark low score spam as attachment.

In your rules dir find the respective message, and edit it, explaining to 
all what how why, since I did this, I have had NO querries about why 
MailScanner is blocking/refusing X, Y or Z.

However, the first few lines should be a brief explanation, because 
lets face it, no user wants to read a 200 line email in entirety, it's
like us expecting them to read the terms and conditions, they say they 
do, but we know they don't :)

Then under, give a full and detailed explanation, DO NOT let legals write 
it, get ur juniors to do it, then find the most computer illiterate person 
in your company and get them to read it and see if they understand it, if 
they do, your home and hosed.


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