Time Spent on Spam

Peter Russell pete at enitech.com.au
Fri Apr 13 02:52:59 IST 2007

We are reviewing our spam defences. A review in the sense of our 
polices, should we store low scoring spam and send reports, or forward 
to modded subjects and config outlook rules etc

Part of this is documented what we currently do and i am trying to work 
out how much time i spend on mailscanner, responding to queries about 
spam, explaining spam to people - with a view to addressing some of the 
more problematic aspects with stuff like explanations on our intranet 
about why people get spam, where it comes from, what we are doing and 
some stats. Inc comparisons between the effort we make and the effort 
other companies make.

So, i was wondering if anyone could offer some thoughts on what sort of 
time they spend combating mail/virus/phishing etc

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