postfix + mailscanner permission problem in active queue

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Sep 28 19:11:08 IST 2006

keith spake the following on 9/28/2006 10:42 AM:
> Hello, Sorry for my not good English first,
> I have a problem in my office new setup mail gateway (mailscanner + Exchange),
> my server is CentOS 4.4 (postfix 2.2-10 + MailScanner-4.56.6-1 + SpamAssassin
> 3.1 + ClamAV) , the mailscanner can process the spam and virus check for all
> incoming message, after the mail define is clean, the mail will put to the
> postfix active queue "/var/spool/postfix/active" ready for postfix send to
> next hop, but I have the problem is the postfix is not enough access right to
> send out the message in the active queue, because each mail file in the active
> queue, the permission is 0700 and ownership is root:root , the postfix is run
> as a postfix user id, I ahve try to manually to change the mail file owner to
> postfix or 0700 and reload the service, the postfix can success to send out
> the file in the queue automatic, so how can I change to mailscanner file
> create ownership to postfix or any idea to fix my problem.
> Thank you very much.
> --
In mailscanner.conf, there is a section on which mta you are using, and what
user to run as;

# User to run as (not normally used for sendmail)
# If you want to change the ownership or permissions of the quarantine or
# temporary files created by MailScanner, please see the "Incoming Work"
# settings later in this file.
#Run As User = mail
#Run As User = postfix
Run As User =

# Group to run as (not normally used for sendmail)
#Run As Group = mail
#Run As Group = postfix
Run As Group =


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