postfix + mailscanner permission problem in active queue

keith keith at
Thu Sep 28 18:42:04 IST 2006

Hello, Sorry for my not good English first,
I have a problem in my office new setup mail gateway (mailscanner + Exchange),
my server is CentOS 4.4 (postfix 2.2-10 + MailScanner-4.56.6-1 + SpamAssassin
3.1 + ClamAV) , the mailscanner can process the spam and virus check for all
incoming message, after the mail define is clean, the mail will put to the
postfix active queue "/var/spool/postfix/active" ready for postfix send to
next hop, but I have the problem is the postfix is not enough access right to
send out the message in the active queue, because each mail file in the active
queue, the permission is 0700 and ownership is root:root , the postfix is run
as a postfix user id, I ahve try to manually to change the mail file owner to
postfix or 0700 and reload the service, the postfix can success to send out
the file in the queue automatic, so how can I change to mailscanner file
create ownership to postfix or any idea to fix my problem.

Thank you very much.


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