SA lint in MailWatch - 158 seconds?!

Brett Charbeneau brett at
Thu Sep 28 15:58:00 IST 2006

 	Keep the good suggestions coming, Glenn! I appreciate your time very 

> Brett, you don't have any of teh configuration files on NFS (some
> automounted stuff perhaps)? That could account for the ridiculous
> times you are seeing, perhaps...

 	No NFS I. All local.

> (Showing my postfix roots again... when will I ever learn to think
> before typing:-)
> Another thought... In your regular logs/on the console, do you see any
> HW errors? I'm thinking HDD failures (the usual SeekComplete
> thingies)?

 	Good thought - I use an ATA 133 drive for the / and /boot partitions, 
with /var, /home, /tmp on an Ultra-160 SCSI drive. I've got the swap partition 
on another Ultra-160 SCSI drive, but with 4GB of RAM and an SMP kernel (so 
highmem is enabled) no swapping of any size occurs.
 	 I'm running smartmontools and between that and syslog no errors are 
popping up. The /var, /home, /tmp drive has 191 days on it, so I'm thinking 
everything is okay there.

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