SA lint in MailWatch - 158 seconds?!

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Thu Sep 28 17:06:17 IST 2006

Brett Charbeneau wrote:
>> I think a call for more information is in order here... Could you
>> provide some lines prior to (and including) the "score set" one?
>> Something is clearly amiss... On a far less equiped server close by
>> me, it reaches (and chooses) "score set 3" in 0.00125 seconds.
>     Thanks for contributing to my solution, Glenn - I'm grateful.
>     The pastbin entry I posted earlier ought to reveal more. Here's the 
> whole MailWatch --lint output with times:

What does this command (executed as your mailscanner "run as user") have 
to report?
spamassassin -x --lint -D config

Also from your pastebin.. some observations.

#[7598] dbg: config: score set 1 chosen.         188.57324

Score sets 0-3 exist..
Set 0 is for the ruleset with bayes and network tests disabled.
Set 1 is for the ruleset with network tests enabled.
Set 2 is for the ruleset with bayes enabled.
Set 3 is for the ruleset with network tests and bayes enabled.

You lint detects a score set of '1', but it still tries to search for 
bayes. If you do not want to use bayes then set 'use_bayes 0' in your

If you intend on using bayes, then you'll need to refer to the SA OR MS 
wiki OR possibly simply ask on this list.

- dhawal

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