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> Well... Of course this is off topic, and it shouldn't be here... But
> then again, one of the things making this list such a nice place is
> the diversity of mail systems (and admins) subscribed.
> Cheers
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> -- Glenn

I have to agree here and make it known that I do agree. This list is one of 
the best lists around. I started using MailScanner with little knowledge of 
Sendmail. That is why I started using Mailscanner (my limited Sendmail 
expertise). I also use a Linux kernel with little knowledge of that also. 
Many of us are thrown into responsibilities that don't match our expertise - 
just a fact of life and employment. We have to use what is available to us.

Since monitoring this list, my familiarity of Sendmail has grown greatly. 
And although I still don't claim to be any kind of expert on MS or Sendmail, 
I feel a lot more comfortable with both. The fact that the two, and other 
MTAs also, are so intertwined almost dictates the discussion of alternate 
topics. Sure, some topics are purely OT, but in the long run, as long as 
they are not monopolizing the list, I think many users benefit.

I have to thank Julian for his patience back then with users like me who 
asked questions from the dark, and again thank him now for his continued 
work on MS. I would hope that this list never changes, as the list will 
become a list of redundant questions, and answers to them mostly directing 
the user to "Search the archives".


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