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Mon Sep 25 23:04:59 IST 2006

On 25/09/06, mikea <mikea at> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 11:14:25PM +0200, Glenn Steen wrote:
> > Yes, that is exactly why it is a good idea. Either a case of bad
> > memory on my part then, or simply a case of 2821 superseding some
> > other rfc that I have this dim recollection of:-).
> A box HELOing as, say, is not HELOing with a valid
> domain literal; that would be [] _with_ the []. The HELO
> string is a HELO as a machine in the bogus top-level
> domain "25", and I'll reject that out of hand without any compunction
> or regret.

True. Didn't think that far (hm, perhaps the "." should be earlier in
that sentense... Somewhere just after "think":). Just another sign
that it's well past bedtime:-).

> (Sorry, Julian, that we're dealing with so much that is at best
> peripherally related to MailScanner. Maybe someone needs to host
> a parallel list for MTA configurations as used with MailScanner?
> Or folks could subscribe to the MTA-related lists and/or watch the
> comp.mail.sendmail and other MTA-related newsgroups. I admit that
> those lists and groups are populated in part by folks who have some
> animus for those whose expertise is, like mine, minimal, and that
> there frequently is more heat than light there, but Good Things also
> are to be found there.)
Well... Of course this is off topic, and it shouldn't be here... But
then again, one of the things making this list such a nice place is
the diversity of mail systems (and admins) subscribed.
-- Glenn
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