Problem with rulesets

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Sep 22 16:31:23 IST 2006

If I'm understanding you arightly, you're trying to assign a score with
an action ruleset?  The score is dependent on the tests running against
the mail.  The action (whether a ruleset or in MailScanner.conf) is what
to do if the threshhold is exceeded.  I would expect that you'd have
quarantine, deliver, delete, etc. in there,  not a value.
Still puzzled over your regular spam rules.  Somethings weird with your
install but I don't think we have enough to go on.  At least I don't but
a lot of the other guys here are a lot smarter than me! <g>

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Well im pretty sure my GTUBE test is working correctly, it just confirms
exactly whats happening with normal spam thats hitting my server.

Its reading the following line fine : 

FromOrTo:       default                 deliver

However it isnt reading these lines :

To:     *     delete

I've been editing the rules via my ssh session, anyway i dont use
windows, OSX all the way :)

Something else i've just noticed, my spamhigh actions arent being picked
up either.

High Scoring Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/spamhigh.action.rules

In spamhigh.action rules i have :

FromOrTo:       default 20

And its marking stuff as high scoring spam when its under 20.

On 21/09/06, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote: 

	On 20/09/06, Colocation Colocation <telehouse at>
	> My spam high scoring actions are identical to my spam scoring
	Ok. Scrap that idea (too:-). 
	Just one final question, to clear any possible missconceptions
(on my
	or your part:-):
	When you tried it with GTUBE, did you do it via telnet (so that
	are absolutely sure of what is entered as RCPT TO:<...>)? If
	check out
	and perhaps do an "explicit" test with an address that will
	match what you have in the rule file. BTW, you don't use windoze
and a
	windoze editor to edit, do you?
	-- Glenn 
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