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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Sep 21 23:29:00 IST 2006

JD Doelitzsch wrote:
> In my case it was the maillog's that filled up to a crazy amount
> until no disk space for incoming was available. I have 1gb mem with 4
> child processes. Im thinking I need to get milter-ahead for the mail
> log issue Im getting a bunch of "sorry no dude at is here".
> In any case since I did hit that disk full error, does MS stop
> working on the queue or does it continue when space is available
> again? 

By maillogs do you mean /var/log/maillog, /var/log/messages, etc.?  If
so, look into logrotate so that automatic maintenance is performed to
clean up old deadwood automatically.  

I suspect that if the disk is full that pretty much everything will come
to a halt if it needs to write to that partition.

A great resouce is Julian's book on MailScanner available from his web
site.  It's well worth the cost (which isn't that much).  Also there's
some good documentation at, in particular
the MailScanner Manual.


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