Incoming and outgoing queue..

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In my case it was the maillog's that filled up to a crazy amount until no
disk space for incoming was available. I have 1gb mem with 4 child
processes. Im thinking I need to get milter-ahead for the mail log issue Im
getting a bunch of "sorry no dude at is here". In any case since I
did hit that disk full error, does MS stop working on the queue or does it
continue when space is available again?

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JD Doelitzsch spake the following on 9/21/2006 10:05 AM:
> Oh here, one more bit of info. The whole issue started with disk space
> In that case does MS stop processing its queues? and once space becomes
> available will it automatically start processing what was in those queues?
First thing.. If you are running out of space in swap, you either have too
much running on the system for the available memory, or you have a way too
small swap partition. Does your system have the recommended 1 gigabyte of
memory per CPU? How many children?

As for the system finishing its work, it should, but you might have to
some processes, or reboot if that is easier for you.


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