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Tue Sep 19 16:03:41 IST 2006


We run Exchange 2003 SP2 with MailScanner in front of it.

We have recently been sent some spam messages that we initially were unable to delete via Outlook (2000 or 2003), OWA and IMAP.

After an investigation it transpired that in fact the messages could in fact be deleted (shift-delete in Outlook) although they couldn't be moved (into other folders, such as 'Deleted Items'). Attempting to move the messages via IMAP resulted in "An error occurred calling into the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service: the call to EcMoveCopyMessages failed with error 0x8004011b." from the Information Store.

The subject lines are similar to:
"Tuesday.CRSVF.puts him in a "

Our spam.actions.rules file default action is:
FromOrTo:       default         deliver attachment header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"

The sender address looked malformed in the MailScanner produced email that wraps the spam message:
From: "\"George Roman\" <tkuhn at>{SET":tkuhn at

The attached spam email has the following address, which although invalid looks different to the MailScanner produced version:
From: "George Roman" <tkuhn at>{SET:debug=11}

Has anyone seen this?


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