Hold queue question

Drew Marshall drew at themarshalls.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 12:24:13 IST 2006

On Tue, September 12, 2006 08:26, Glenn Steen wrote:
>> > One could of course imagine a situation where messages are piling up,
>> > and one would want to "fast-lane" that über-important message to the
>> > CEO/PHB/<other person who doesn't really have a grip on what email
>> > is>, but ... there would be a certain risk that one would be "shooting
>> > ones foot", so to speak:-).
>> >
>> The reason I asked was because messages were piling up in the queue, as
>> you said, and I thought of using postsuper to release
>> a few messages from the hold queue. I wasn't really sure whether or not
>> they were bypassing MS. The messages were actually
>> just mail from local user to another local user so I knew that they were
>> good.
> You might consider not doing all scanning for "local" users then. For
> example: I don't do SA on outbound (but do virus scanning and
> iframe/script/codebase disarming etc) by a wellplaced rulest
> "whitelisting"... Obviously, what you can skip is up to your
> policy:-). Might "lighten" the load a bit. Also, one could perhaps
> look a bit at "tightening down" the postfix "peak throttles", which
> usually are pretty forgiving. But you knew that;).

You also might want to have a play with your batch sizes and number of
children as that will often yield some speed results depending on your
type of mail (Average size, volumes etc).

I would also have a look at what (If anything, for the benefit of Glenn!)
you can reject at smtp stage via RBL or sender/ recipient verification,
grey listing etc.

Remember this doesn't have to be blanket either, Postfix is pretty
flexible, for example I sender verify based on client connection. So if a
client that has no PTR record (Or a mismatch) or a ptr that suggests they
are on a dsl or dial up connection the envelope from address is verified.
I know that doesn't mean it's not spam but it does reduce the rubbish
Hotmail/ Yahoo and bank fraud messages.

>> Thanks Glenn and Drew.
> Glad to be of help.

Like wise.


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