MailScanner beta 4.56.3 released

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Fri Sep 8 19:20:10 IST 2006

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Please can you give this a try and let me know how you get on.

The Change Log for this version is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Added a complete new set of configuration settings to report on
   messages and attachments that are outside the size limits set in
   MailScanner.conf. These are:
   Sender Size Report
   Stored Size Message Report
   Deleted Size Message Report
   Size Modify Subject
   Size Subject Text
   These are used in exactly the same way as the other sets of options
   that tag and modify the message for other reasons.
3 Improved report of "message too large" case.
3 Updated Catalan language files courtesy of Jordi Sanfeliu.
3 Increased default max SpamAssassin message size to catch more single-image
   spam messages.
3 Solved compatibility with Postfix 2.3.
3 Upgraded Sys::Syslog to 0.18 which fixes all the compatibility problems of
   0.17 and 0.16.
3 Upgraded Kaspersky support to 5.5.

* Fixes *
1 When 'Outgoing Queue Dir' was changed from the default, kicking sendmail
   into attempting delivery of a new processed message in the outgoing queue
   would just wait for the next regular run of the queue. Now fixed so that
   a delivery attempt is made immediately. This fix only affects users who
   have changed the "Outgoing Queue Dir" setting and who are also using
   sendmail as their MTA.
2 Missed 2 "defined" checks on variables before using them.
   Thanks to Andy Kirkpatrick for spotting that one.
2 Fixed version number check.
3 Fixed output bug in less strict phishing net. Does anyone use this?
3 Fixed bug in Sendmail KickMessage() function. Thanks to Martin Billy.

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