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Fri Sep 8 21:57:47 IST 2006

Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> There's probably something wrong with your system, since my stock IBM AT 
> runs at 6Mhz. The frontside bus and backside are locked to that speed, 
> but I've heard there's a newer one (don't know if it's come out yet) 
> that fully utilizes the AT bus's 8Mhz (theoretical) limit. The one 
> without a backside bus (ISA hooked up directly to the CPU) is the 
> somewhat slower XT model, which did run at 4.77Mhz.
> You could have the "turbo" button turned off, which might make programs 
> report "3.77Mhz" in the speed department, but everybody knows that it's 
> just the regular 6 (or 8)Mhz clock being slowed artificially by 
> inserting wait states between ticks on the 81555 (IIRC) responsible for 
> timing in the system.
> Getting good NE-2000 network cards might help in order to raise your 
> message throughput level to maybe 2 or 3 a month - just watch out for 
> those pesky IRQ conflicts, specially if you ever get a hold of a serial 
> card to hook up that mouse (since the serial card, if it uses COM2, will 
> use IRQ3, which is the default). If you *do* get the mouse working, let 
> me know where to find the drivers for CentOS 4.4 to fully utilize the 
> amazing graphics capabilities of my high-resolution Hercules monochrome 
> monitor. I'm still having problems getting 132-column mode to work.
> Are you doing anything regarding the Y2k problem? I think these machines 
> might have an issue with that, but I don't really remember; probably a 
> BIOS upgrade (which requires a special tool and a PROM burner) might do 
> the trick.
> The 800 number I have stuck on a yellow post it next to the amber 
> monitor (It's a lot easier on the eyes than the green one I used to 
> have) is being answered by a magazine subscription service; maybe you've 
> got the new number?
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Denis,
>> The question about swapping was on the list months ago, and I'm not 
>> sure it was ever answered. I have spent the last few months 
>> researching this, sometimes googling for 5-10 hours a day, and no less 
>> than 4 hours a day. I think I finally came up with a solution:
>> I upgraded the server (an IBM AT) with lots more RAM. It now has 64K 
>> and it just flies now. I haven't seen any swapping since. The spec are 
>> as follows
>> IBM AT running 3.77 MHz clock. This is just the front side bus, I 
>> don't think it has a back side bus. It may not have a front side bus, 
>> either. I lost the manual.
>> 64K memory.
>> Advanced SVGA video card, although we run in on a monochrome monitor.
>> No mouse - I couldn't find where to plug it in.
>> 5 MB Winchester hard drive. It thrashes a lot, but I feel comfortable 
>> with it. I knocked the whole CPU off of the rack (well, really I 
>> forgot to screw in the rails for the rack - I made them myself and 
>> it's now a 3U rack-mounted AT) and it performed great after I shook it 
>> up a little bit before putting it back in the rack. Boy, I won't do 
>> that again! Scary stuff.
>> I had to build the kernel for our system, for some reason, and had to 
>> leave out a whole lot of stuff, but we are running a non-standard 
>> CentOS 4.4 system.
>> Mail flow averages about 1 per month.
>> Hope this helps.

I H0pe MY k3yB0ard stARts WoRK1ng agAIN AFter TH3 C0ffee dRIes ;^)

Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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