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Fri Sep 8 21:22:30 IST 2006

There's probably something wrong with your system, since my stock IBM AT 
runs at 6Mhz. The frontside bus and backside are locked to that speed, 
but I've heard there's a newer one (don't know if it's come out yet) 
that fully utilizes the AT bus's 8Mhz (theoretical) limit. The one 
without a backside bus (ISA hooked up directly to the CPU) is the 
somewhat slower XT model, which did run at 4.77Mhz.

You could have the "turbo" button turned off, which might make programs 
report "3.77Mhz" in the speed department, but everybody knows that it's 
just the regular 6 (or 8)Mhz clock being slowed artificially by 
inserting wait states between ticks on the 81555 (IIRC) responsible for 
timing in the system.

Getting good NE-2000 network cards might help in order to raise your 
message throughput level to maybe 2 or 3 a month - just watch out for 
those pesky IRQ conflicts, specially if you ever get a hold of a serial 
card to hook up that mouse (since the serial card, if it uses COM2, will 
use IRQ3, which is the default). If you *do* get the mouse working, let 
me know where to find the drivers for CentOS 4.4 to fully utilize the 
amazing graphics capabilities of my high-resolution Hercules monochrome 
monitor. I'm still having problems getting 132-column mode to work.

Are you doing anything regarding the Y2k problem? I think these machines 
might have an issue with that, but I don't really remember; probably a 
BIOS upgrade (which requires a special tool and a PROM burner) might do 
the trick.

The 800 number I have stuck on a yellow post it next to the amber 
monitor (It's a lot easier on the eyes than the green one I used to 
have) is being answered by a magazine subscription service; maybe you've 
got the new number?

Steve Campbell wrote:
> Denis,
> The question about swapping was on the list months ago, and I'm not sure 
> it was ever answered. I have spent the last few months researching this, 
> sometimes googling for 5-10 hours a day, and no less than 4 hours a day. 
> I think I finally came up with a solution:
> I upgraded the server (an IBM AT) with lots more RAM. It now has 64K and 
> it just flies now. I haven't seen any swapping since. The spec are as 
> follows
> IBM AT running 3.77 MHz clock. This is just the front side bus, I don't 
> think it has a back side bus. It may not have a front side bus, either. 
> I lost the manual.
> 64K memory.
> Advanced SVGA video card, although we run in on a monochrome monitor.
> No mouse - I couldn't find where to plug it in.
> 5 MB Winchester hard drive. It thrashes a lot, but I feel comfortable 
> with it. I knocked the whole CPU off of the rack (well, really I forgot 
> to screw in the rails for the rack - I made them myself and it's now a 
> 3U rack-mounted AT) and it performed great after I shook it up a little 
> bit before putting it back in the rack. Boy, I won't do that again! 
> Scary stuff.
> I had to build the kernel for our system, for some reason, and had to 
> leave out a whole lot of stuff, but we are running a non-standard CentOS 
> 4.4 system.
> Mail flow averages about 1 per month.
> Hope this helps.
> Steve
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