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Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Sep 8 23:49:25 IST 2006

Steve Campbell spake the following on 9/8/2006 12:44 PM:
> Denis,
> The question about swapping was on the list months ago, and I'm not sure
> it was ever answered. I have spent the last few months researching this,
> sometimes googling for 5-10 hours a day, and no less than 4 hours a day.
> I think I finally came up with a solution:
> I upgraded the server (an IBM AT) with lots more RAM. It now has 64K and
> it just flies now. I haven't seen any swapping since. The spec are as
> follows
> IBM AT running 3.77 MHz clock. This is just the front side bus, I don't
> think it has a back side bus. It may not have a front side bus, either.
> I lost the manual.
> 64K memory.
> Advanced SVGA video card, although we run in on a monochrome monitor.
> No mouse - I couldn't find where to plug it in.
> 5 MB Winchester hard drive. It thrashes a lot, but I feel comfortable
> with it. I knocked the whole CPU off of the rack (well, really I forgot
> to screw in the rails for the rack - I made them myself and it's now a
> 3U rack-mounted AT) and it performed great after I shook it up a little
> bit before putting it back in the rack. Boy, I won't do that again!
> Scary stuff.
> I had to build the kernel for our system, for some reason, and had to
> leave out a whole lot of stuff, but we are running a non-standard CentOS
> 4.4 system.
> Mail flow averages about 1 per month.
> Hope this helps.
> Steve
>Hey Steve,
I am glad to see you finally got rid of that PCjr with the 2 floppy drives!
Isn't progress grand!!


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