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  Res <res at> wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Logan Shaw wrote:
>>>>12-15% of email id as clean. Now it is regularly 75-80% clean. And so
>>>ummm those figures are strange, you have 12-15% of clean mail 
>>>all, but yet 75-80% on all accepted with greylisting.. that doesnt 
>>It made sense to me.  Greylisting should reduce the amount
>>of spam.  Thus the amount of ham (things that are "accepted")
>>should go up as a percentage of total mail (that reaches
>Ok I know it was late when i posted that, and its early now and im 
>just sitting down to my first coffee of the day, but... does this 
>still not
>mean SA is still missing 60% or so of spam, greylistd or not, if its 
>spam SA would/should have picked it up regardless, just being 
>greylisted meant it had to wait a bit of time before marking it as 
>spam rather than instantly.

A large number of the Spam sending computers never retry. They don't 
have the time or queue capacity to store email for retry so any error 
including temp errors cause them to give up and move on to the next 
email in their list. So SA would never get a chance to scan something 
that was never received... Therefore if you use Greylisting the 
percentage of Spam to Ham changes. A lot more of the email making it 
to SA is real since a large amount of the Spam never made it by the 

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