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Wed Sep 6 22:45:19 IST 2006

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Logan Shaw wrote:

>>> 12-15% of email id as clean. Now it is regularly 75-80% clean. And so

>> ummm those figures are strange, you have 12-15% of clean mail accepting 
>> all, but yet 75-80% on all accepted with greylisting.. that doesnt compute,

> It made sense to me.  Greylisting should reduce the amount
> of spam.  Thus the amount of ham (things that are "accepted")
> should go up as a percentage of total mail (that reaches
> MailScanner).

Ok I know it was late when i posted that, and its early now and im just 
sitting down to my first coffee of the day, but... does this still not
mean SA is still missing 60% or so of spam, greylistd or not, if its spam 
SA would/should have picked it up regardless, just being greylisted meant 
it had to wait a bit of time before marking it as spam rather than 


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