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Ed Bruce edwardbruce at
Wed Sep 6 14:46:16 IST 2006

Res wrote:
> I agree the earlier checks do a lot of the work, bad helos, make em
> have forward and reverse DNS (which gets about 90% more) but can be a
> problem with some of the Australian govt depts who dont know what dns
> is :)
> greet pause is very handy feature and its ability to no-delay your own
> users or others that are trusted doesnt upset your own customers, I
> dont believe in greylisting tho, in many cases its more of a pain and
> can cause lengthy delays, especially when you have users who expect
> mail to be in their inbox 5 minutes *before* the sender sends it, you
> know the types...
> and with multiple MX's if it hits anothers box its delayed again and
> so on and so on, yes it happens, not to us but to other admins i know
> who tried it.
Interesting. I just added greylisting and my stats with MS reversed. I
run MailWatch and when I would log in the morning I would have only
12-15% of email id as clean. Now it is regularly 75-80% clean. And so
far it has only been one user that wanted their email now that had two
emails delayed. Luckily they complain so much nobody cared :)

Actually I had the most trouble with foward and reverse DNS. I turned
that off because my whitelist had grown to over a couple hundred
entries. With greylisting I've only had to add 5 or 6 domains.

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