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Wed Sep 6 13:31:26 IST 2006

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Jim Holland wrote:

> I had a quick look at our yesterday logs and see, to my total amazement,
> that we rejected 60K (sic) connections at MTA level - that is based on
> greet-pause, blocked servers, domains, addresses, DNS problems etc etc.
> Didn't include unknown users.  So it is essential to do what you can at
> that level first (our Internet link is only 64k for 2 500 e-mail users).
> I just don't want to use DNS blocklists there.  However after all that was
> blocked there, MS blocked less than 500 more based on RBL checks.  That is
> what is quarantined.  Of that, we would get probably a dozen or so
> requests a day for such mail to be released.  We find that even Hotmail
> and Yahoo servers occasionally get on RBLs.

The only RBL i've seen that seems to list hotmail often is SORBS, which we 
dont use. Yahoo well they deserve to be blocked IMHO :)  and having said 
that one thing i give m$ credit for it dealing with hotmail abusers
they respond typically within 24 hours, and I'm talking a human not a auto 
responder, yes yes totally flipped me out as well LOL

I agree the earlier checks do a lot of the work, bad helos, make em have 
forward and reverse DNS (which gets about 90% more) but can be a problem 
with some of the Australian govt depts who dont know what dns is :)
greet pause is very handy feature and its ability to no-delay your own 
users or others that are trusted doesnt upset your own customers, I dont 
believe in greylisting tho, in many cases its more of a pain and can cause 
lengthy delays, especially when you have users who expect mail to be in 
their inbox 5 minutes *before* the sender sends it, you know the types...
and with multiple MX's if it hits anothers box its delayed again and so on 
and so on, yes it happens, not to us but to other admins i know who tried 


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