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Wed Sep 6 15:22:04 IST 2006

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Ed Bruce wrote:

> Interesting. I just added greylisting and my stats with MS reversed. I
> run MailWatch and when I would log in the morning I would have only
> 12-15% of email id as clean. Now it is regularly 75-80% clean. And so

ummm those figures are strange, you have 12-15% of clean mail accepting 
all, but yet 75-80% on all accepted with greylisting.. that doesnt 
compute, if it is true your SA rules need a major cleanup, else SA would 
have got it in first place

> Actually I had the most trouble with foward and reverse DNS. I turned
> that off because my whitelist had grown to over a couple hundred
> entries. With greylisting I've only had to add 5 or 6 domains.

the vast majority of failed attempts come from no PTR's and those that 
dont have them, tends to indicate lazy network admins so i wouldnt expect 
them to take action on spammers either, I simply whitelisted
in sendmail and qmail and alls been happy since, AOL also still do this i 
understand, so the collateral damage cant be all that bad if tehy still do 
it :)


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