MailScanner/Postfix question

Rodney Green rgreen at
Fri Oct 27 19:34:11 IST 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> Since that old version there have been a slew of patches geared at
> (better) postfix support (for newer versions of PF).
> So yes, I'd guess there is a good chance of problems. The exact nature
> is more than I remember:-).
> Why not make it one big happy newly updated system, and throw in
> updates ofr Clam/SA (use Jules package, it is very nice) as well as
> MailScanner;-).
> Or do you have some compelling reason to stick with that version?
> If you have a free host, why not set up a testbed and run things
> through on that first? That way you'd know what to expect:-).
> Cheers,

Thanks guys. The reason I haven't upgraded is that things are working 
now and I'd hate
to mess everything up. The main reason I want to upgrade Postfix is so I 
can use greylisting.
My current version doesn't have the check_policy_service feature. I'll 
probably just wait
a bit and do some testing before upgrading.

Thanks again,

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