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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Oct 26 08:03:29 IST 2006

On 25/10/06, Peter Russell <pete at> wrote:
> Postfix:
> I was hoping that since there is so many Postfix users using MS we could
> get an updated discussion on what everyone is doing at the MTA level
> with regards to
> a) stopping spam at the MTA
> b) 3rd party anti spam defences - greylisting?
> c) specific configs - like the example in the wiki - a dual postfix
> instance that splits multi recipients messages
> d) tip and tricks - what have you added to your config that you think
> could benefit others.
> I will happily collate the discussion and add it to the wiki.
> The reason i am asking is because we are receiving so much more spam, so
> many more complaints from users and i want to consider some of the
> options available at the MTA - eg a postfix version of greet-pause
> sounds good because i dont think we could go for greylisting, at least
> not at the minute.
> Outlook:
> Also we have always stopped low spam on the server, but the business is
> asking us to deliver it with a modified subject. All of our users are
> outlook users - does any one have any experience with delivering this
> mail, creating a global rule to deliver anything with [SPAM] in the
> subject to Junk mail and letting users use Junk mail controls to handle
> it? Relying on users to create rules etc is not an option, a lot of them
> are academics.
> Many thanks and regards
> Pete

I'd be more than happy to contribute what feeble efforts I can
normally, but..... I'm severely stumped for time ATM, perhaps next
week (or if the discussion gets interresting enough:-):-)...

-- Glenn
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