OT: What will they think of next

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Oct 24 22:50:12 IST 2006

Alex Neuman spake the following on 10/24/2006 1:26 PM:
> I just finished setting up FuzzyOCR. Guess what greets me a few minutes
> later:
> http://nkpanama.com/results.gif
> Now spammers are adding noise so OCR won't work.
> Jeez.
> Now that last suggestion about capital punishment for spammers is
> starting to sound interesting.
Do these messages hit on the sare_stocks rule?

You would have to figure that the more evil spammers are reading the lists to
see what is being done to thwart their vile wares!


MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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