Missing /rules files from MailScanner installation from ports

Koopmann, Jan-Peter Jan-Peter.Koopmann at seceidos.de
Sun Oct 8 13:17:38 IST 2006

On Samstag, 7. Oktober 2006 6:02 Michael S. wrote: 

> About 4 or so months ago when I reported this, the port maintainer
> tried to tell me my port system on my Freebsd box had a problem.

I was not able to reproduce your problem, others did not have it, I
suggested (!) your system might have a problem and have not heard from
you since. 

> If you look at the package list, you will find the following files
> missing from this list, the only one there is
> mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf.sample but unless you rename it after
> installing MS to mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf your installation
> chokes. Shouldn't MS rename this to mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf like
> it does to all the others when you type the config command?     

It should be copied during "initial-config". If it is not (which I need
to check) then this definatly is a bug. 

> So Mr port maintainer, why don't you listen to constructive criticism
> and take action to fix this problem when it's reported instead of
> being rude about it. 

Well Mr. S I am very open to constructive criticism as many people here
will hopefully verify. And I fail to see where I am rude. You on the
other hand...

> See previous messages regarding this! I would
> hope that you all would want to know instead of telling me im crazy
> or that my installation is jacked.    

Just try to image how many complaints port maintainers get about their
port not working. Then try to image what the percentage of real port
problems is and how many installations are jacked. This is a valid
assumption if only one person is complaining about something specific
and if you are not able to reproduce the problem (which I was not able

> And last but certainly not least there are no symlinks created except
> for one and that is to mailscanner.cf. Freebsd does not have a
> cron.hourly or crond.d therefore you need to create cronjobs if you
> expect to run hourly crons. Nothing about this is mentioned in the
> DOCS or README. Maybe this should be revamped so a total idiot knows
> what to do. But that's just a suggestion, take it or leave it.     

Wounderful. Since I do not have the time to revamp the DOCs/README:
Please if someone is able to write suitable idiot-proof instructions do
so and share them with me to put them in the port!

> Can you have the port maintainer correct this problem?

Nobody can "have" me to correct the problem. You can bring this to my
attention (which you did) and I can try to fix it. If I am not able or
not willing to: What do you expect this mailing list or Julian to do
about it other than asking me? Sue me? Get real: The port is not a
product I sell. It is something I do in my spare time. There is no legal
obligation. So please stop acting like there was some.

And one more hint: My time currently is so limited that I do not read
the mailscanner list thouroughly. So if you need help or fixes for the
port better write to me directly or at least cc me. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

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