OT: Spamcop BL - good or dangerous?

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Wed Nov 29 16:03:11 GMT 2006

Dhawal Doshy wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> We have been using zen.spamhaus.org for about two weeks now with 
>> excellent results, not one reported false positive. My users would let 
>> me know in a heartbeat if there were.
>> It's too new to recommend, but I would certainly suggest doing your 
>> own testing as it is looking very promising. The big plus for us was 
>> PBL replaced our dialup RBL with better results, and no FP.
>> DAve
> umm pbl is yet to be published and as of now zen == sbl-xbl, see 
> http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/
> Also see:
> http://groups-beta.google.com/group/news.admin.net-abuse.email/msg/2d050ab220faf931 
> Also is anyone using psbl.surriel.com? We've had some good results for 
> the last 3 weeks (with low FPs) in a warn_if_reject mode.
> - dhawal

I saw the announcement around the 15th.


"ZEN is the combination of all Spamhaus DNSBLs into one single powerful 
and comprehensive blocklist to make querying faster and simpler. It 
contains the SBL, the XBL and the new PBL blocklist."

I don't recall seeing the PBL notice on http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl the 
day I turned it up. Using ZEN certainly raised my block rate over using 
only sbl-xbl, mrtg shows the improvement.


Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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