mailscanner is a lovely tool

John Schmerold john at
Mon Nov 20 14:57:53 GMT 2006

My little brother includes a digital image of his signature with every 
email. I hate opening them because it takes a 1KB message & turns it 
into a 30KB message, not a huge deal, but one more delay in an already 
busy day. I'm with every else: Don't do it man!

Within our firm we take it a step further & disable sending of HTML 
messages for the same reason. 95% of the time, there is no reason to 
color code, use larger fonts or do many of the silly things people do 
with email.

John Schmerold

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vinay poojary wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Mailscanner is a lovely tool and i am using it with no problem at all .
> Presently my company wants to send the outgoing mails with the 
> signature containg the company logo .Is there any facility via which i 
> can add the logo in the signature of every out going mails .
> I am presently using the html signature.
> It would be very kind of you if u tell me the procedure of howto add 
> the company logo which is in .png/.jpg format .
> Thks in advance .
> Regards,
> vinay poojary
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