Debian users: anyone greylisting?

René Berber r.berber at
Fri Nov 17 19:03:42 GMT 2006

Brett Charbeneau wrote:

>     At Julian's and other's fine subscribers suggestions I've been
> trying to implement milter-gris on my Debian 3.1 box using sendmail as
> the MTA.
>     I downloaded libsnert-1.62.tar.gz and milter-gris-0.19.tar.gz from
> and ran into a bizarre version mis-match with makemap:
> milter-gris claims the hash version of /etc/mail/access.db is unsupported.
>     I posted to the milter list, but the problem seems unique to the
> Debian distribution, so I can't expect them to offer much help there.

The problem is simple: sendmail was compiled using a different version of
Berkeley DB.

You probably have more than one version of the library, that's why sendmail is
using one and your compiled milter-gris is using another.

If you have sendmail's file devtools/Site/site.config.m4, just look at the
section that defines confMAPDEF, it will include a couple of lines with the
paths to the headers and library.

Another way is to do a `ldd sendmail` to see what library it is using (i.e. my
output includes "").  Then try the same with milter-gris and see
what library it is using.

>     I can't find makemap in the repository search at so I
> can't tell what package provided it nor will man makemap allow me to
> determine its version, so I'm stuck.
>     Is anyone out there using Debian and MS and sendmail *and* doing
> greylisting? If so, what's the drill?
>     Google offers up "relaydelay" and it gets good coverage here:
>     but milter-gris comes so highly recommended on this list that I
> wanted to see if any other Debian user conquered the makemap goofiness.
René Berber

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