Debian users: anyone greylisting?

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Fri Nov 17 17:09:14 GMT 2006

On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 08:07:22AM -0500, Brett Charbeneau wrote:
>  	At Julian's and other's fine subscribers suggestions I've been trying to 
> implement milter-gris on my Debian 3.1 box using sendmail as the MTA.
>  	I downloaded libsnert-1.62.tar.gz and milter-gris-0.19.tar.gz from 
> and ran into a bizarre version mis-match with makemap: milter-gris 
> claims the hash version of /etc/mail/access.db is unsupported.
>  	I posted to the milter list, but the problem seems unique to the Debian 
> distribution, so I can't expect them to offer much help there.
>  	I can't find makemap in the repository search at so I can't 
> tell what package provided it nor will man makemap allow me to determine its 
> version, so I'm stuck.
>  	Is anyone out there using Debian and MS and sendmail *and* doing 
> greylisting? If so, what's the drill?
>  	Google offers up "relaydelay" and it gets good coverage here:
>  	but milter-gris comes so highly recommended on this list that I wanted 
> to see if any other Debian user conquered the makemap goofiness.

Makemap is a part of the sendmail package: 


I'm very interested in seeing the messages milter-gris generated,
either privately or to the list. I'm quite certain that Anthony Howe
(the author, yes?) will be interested, too. 

What level sendmail are you running?

Run "`which sendmail` -d0.1 < /dev/null", without the exterior "",
to see. Increasing the debug level n (-d0.n) will give you increasingly
more information, as you probably know. Max useful is -d0.99. 

I use the graymilter code from, which isn't as flexible as 
milter-gris, but gets the job done.

Mike Andrews, W5EGO
mikea at
Tired old sysadmin 

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