spam actions doesn't seem to be working right

Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at PDSCC.COM
Fri Nov 10 17:27:38 GMT 2006

On 9 Nov 2006 at 20:03, Glenn Steen wrote:

> Why such an old MailScanner (relatively speaking:)? Updating

Just haven't gotten around to it ;-) Plus scheduling downtime to do the 
upgrade at this office is difficult at best.
> help you troubleshoot this to some extent)... If you don't have them,
> consider an update.

Might give that a try this weekend.
> There are no obvious syntax errors in the MailScanner.conf? Look for
> silliness like unmatched quotes etc. The syntax of the file is very
> forgiving, but one can botch things (read: Been there...<something
> about purchases and T-shirts />:-).

No, none, other than this specific problem, it just hums along.

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