SA 3.1.7 returning no result to MS?

David Lee t.d.lee at
Fri Nov 10 15:45:44 GMT 2006

(Linux/FC5; sendmail 8.13.7; MS 4.56.8)

Yesterday on our two main inbound mailrelays I upgraded SA from 3.1.4 to
3.1.7.  The MS config has:
   Log Spam = yes
   Log Non Spam = yes

In the daily logs we now seem to be getting several occurence of:
   Message XXX from YYY to ZZZ is not spam, SpamAssassin (not cached, score=0, required 6, autolearn=)

   Message PPP from QQQ to RRR is not spam, SpamAssassin (cached, score=0, required 6, autolearn=)

scattered amongst the occurences of more real data.  (Around 7% of entries
on one machine, around 4% on the other, are in such truncated/empty forms).

The daily logs prior to this show no occurences at all.

Any thoughts?

Further data:

1. At the same time, I also got Razor2 working (from within SA) on these
two machines.

2. When I check on a third (higher MX, lower preference) machine on which
I did a similar upgrade, but on which Razor had been working properly
working both before and after the upgrade, this has such entries both
before and after.  Which sort of points the finger towards Razor, rather
than the SA upgrade.

Anyone seen anything like this before?  Is the apparently empty result
from SA something that MS might be able to detect?  How to debug something
like this?

(My next step might be to disable Razor and see if that seemed to stop
these occurences.  But that would simply provide an extra data point, not
really provide a useful route to debug, understand and fix this overall
MS/SA/Razor issue.)


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