[sendmail] Skipping rbl per domain

Joost Waversveld joost at waversveld.nl
Sat Nov 11 13:19:17 GMT 2006


Ok, great to hear that... I'm going to take a closer look at smf-sav then...

Thanx for the information!!!

Joost Waversveld

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> On 11/10/06, Joost Waversveld <joost at waversveld.nl> wrote:
>> Ya, I know, but we are hosting a lot of different domains, not just one
>> domain.
>> We use the mailserver Imail on Windows for now. We are planning to
>> change this, but this will not be in the near future I think. Should
>> milter-ahead work with Imail?? If so, it's an option we can think of
>> implementing...
> Hi! We have a similar setup, with a lot of domains on a Imail-server and
> several Exchange-servers and also other Linux-servers, and smf-sav works
> great.
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> Roald Martin Amundsen

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