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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Tue Nov 7 14:38:06 GMT 2006

Gerry Doris a écrit :
> I upgraded my system from Fedora Core 4 to 6 last weekend.  
> Surprisingly it went quite well.  I thought everything was working 
> properly until I noticed that two of the mailscanner-mrtg graphs have 
> their labels messed up.  The data looks correct.
> The two messed up graphs are Mail Transferred and Memory.  It is the 
> top level as well as the detail graphs.  The vertical legend for each 
> is showing the number scale followed by the letters M,G,T,P spread out 
> into the graph area for each number.
> This has been working perfectly for ages...I think?  Has anyone else 
> noticed this?  I'm using 0.10.00.  I upgraded to the unstable version 
> 11 but it didn't make a difference.

This looks more like an MRTG problem than a MailScanner-MRTG one because 
the 2 graphs that you are having problems with come from different 
sources: your log files for MTA and SNMP for memory.

Are you sure you didn't mess up the /etc/mrtg/mailscanner-mrtg.cfg file 
for these 2 graphs? This is what I have for the MTA:
YLegend[mailbytes]: Bytes
ShortLegend[mailbytes]: bytes    
Legend1[mailbytes]: Average Bytes
Legend3[mailbytes]: Maximum Bytes
LegendI[mailbytes]: :
kilo[mailbytes]: 1024
kMG[mailbytes]: k,M,G,T,P

If all is OK, then maybe something changed in FC6 and the last 2 lines 
(kilo and kMG) are not having the same effect as they did before.


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