Could not analyze message

Paul Houselander housey at
Tue Nov 7 12:59:08 GMT 2006


I dont think my messages last week regarding this made it to the list, ive
just noticed that they got flagged as spam on my system :-)

I have a message being sent to one of my customers which keeps getting
quarantined with "Could not analyze message", its a plain text email with no

I tried setting up a ruleset so any messages from this paticular address did
not get scanned (using the Scan Messages ruleset). Ive done this quite a few
times before so am confident the syntax im using is correct.

Despire this the message still gets quarantined, Julian mentioned the
envelope from/to addresses might be different to the ones ive got in my
ruleset - I used the "Add Envelope From Header" and "Add Envelope To Header"
and was able to see from the headers that my ruleset addresses were correct.

Ive also tried using using the Scan Messages ruleset to just not scan
incomming email for this paticular email address - again the message still
gets quarantined.

Any hints/tips etc.. as to what can cause "Could not analyze message) the
server processes plenty of other email exactly as I would expect and it only
seems to be this one paticular message.



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