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Martin Hepworth martinh at
Tue Nov 7 12:55:27 GMT 2006

Matt Hampton wrote:
> Randal, Phil wrote:
>> I saw on another mailing list today someone boasting what a good job
>> their Barracuda was doing - getting 87% of their incoming spam.
> Upfront: I work for a reseller of a number of products including a
> managed MailScanner solution but this is my opinion.
> Barracuda are just SpamAssassin with RBLs.  Which they do not provide
> licenses for use see
> (the
> bottom section).
> An interesting one I have seen recently is I-Critical but that doesn't
> have all of the features that MailScanner has (although they are adding
> some new stuff in the near future but won't give the details). The offer
> a managed service, appliance or a CD but the offer remote management of
> all of the boxes.
> MIME-Sweeper (from Clearswift) is well known but people have
> historically had issues with the support.

eww no arg thud...

I moved from Mimesweeper to MS due to too many false positives and a 
complete sod to support (tied up a complete PIII 933mhx 2GB ram, 100% 
cpui all the time - moved to mailScanner/mailwatch, no FP on a 600 mhz 
celeron 512mB ram and lots of free resource).

Allegedly it's much better now, but I like MS too move away - ie it just 
works ;-)

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